Using Majestic Topical Flow

Understanding How to Measure the Power of a Website Using Majestic Topical Flow

It seems as though people from all over the world are always coming up with new ideas on how to improve search ranking for their websites and business corporations and today, we are going to go over how to measure the power of a website from using Majestic Topical Flow.


What Is Majestic Topical Flow?

This is a scoring tool that is based in England, which works much better with Internet Explorer pages, actually surveys, and maps the Internet in favors of specific search engine optimization rankings. The Internet map is used by New Media Specialists, SEOs, Online Marketing Experts, as well Affiliate Managers. Majestic Topical Flow is used for the following as well, Developers, Enterprise, Media Analysts, as well Entrepreneurs.


How Does One Understand and Use Majestic Topical Flow?

There are specific tools in which a person can use in regards of measuring and understanding the power of various websites and below in list form, we are going to go over each of those tools.

  • Site Explorer: This tool works as a chart in which will break down all the imperative and detailed information you need to take into consideration when comparing the power and search engine rankings toward other sites. So basically, Site Explorer is used as a comparison tool to inform you on how well and “powerful” your site is.
  • Compare Domains: This tool is used to equate; simple as that, but what is the site comparing? Well, the site compares your specific target type, trust flow, citation flow, referring domains, external backlinks and so forth. So basically, this tool compares the backboard data of your website.
  • Bulk Backlinks: This tool will permit you to investigate all the backlink numbers, going back for up to 400 URL’s by means of the paste URL feature! Keep in mind that this tool will also allow you to evaluate up to 100,000 URL’s from a precise file upload, but this will depend highly upon which type of subscription level you are under.
  • Search Explorer: This tool will allow you to perceive the in-depth list on how your exact website ranked in regards of URL, InAnchor, InTitle and overall, what the total was for that specific website in regards of other competition websites against your own.
  • Developer API: This specific tool is calculated for as average API approval which is available on quality plans, as well upwards. The Developer API has been fashioned specifically to give you an appropriate overview of Majestic’s obtainable data variety, validation methods, commands, implementation environments, as well commands. An excessive key element to keep in mind is that it would be best to be a programmer which is in ownership of a Developer API key.

Information on Using The API

The actual API operates over the HTTP protocol, which will take strictures from the demand and return a specific comeback in either the format of JSON or XML. Keep in mind that all data is conveyed in a format called, UTF—8, as well this format may hold HMTL entities.



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